The presentation design professional will see you now.

The cure for death by PowerPoint. Presentation design & re-design prescribed by the expert PowerPoint Doctor. Taking your poorly performing presentations & healing them or designing from scratch. Engaging & effective presentations.

The PowerPoint Doctor qualified in the corporate, live event and design agency world with over 20 years of experience, some say he’s more of a consultant really.

2D & 3D animation in PowerPoint

The PowerPoint Doctor goes beyond pure PowerPoint, bringing years of motion graphics 2D and 3D animation techniques into your presentations.

Raising your professionally designed presentation above and beyond, making you look amazing!

PowerPoint Design Services

Designed with you

I will collaborate with you designing a bespoke presentation to your guidelines.

Re-Designed Presentation

Taking your current presentation and re-designing diagrams and charts to be more consistent, effective and on brand.

Interactive Presentation​

Like an offline website I will make design a presentation with a navigation to move backwards and forwards through your deck.

Pitch Presentation

Starting from scratch and using your brand guidelines if required this service delivers a custom presentation perfect for a pitch.


Many presentations I’ve designed have include confidential information, such as report and accounts, investor presentations, board reports, shareholder meetings and internal communications. Like all good Doctors, I will never share any information or presentation without permission.

Who am I?

My name is Leigh Dowding and I’ve been a graphic designer for over 20 years and a motion and presentation designer for over 12.

I’m based in the UK but work across the world for large and small organisations. Take a look at my LinkedIn profile below.


Fill in the form and I will get right back to you or give me a call on 07808 048719

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